Leather Selections


Dunrite Leatherworks is a brand of quality, made-to-order leather goods. I strictly use Hermann Oak Vegetable Tanned steer hide. This means I use the best leather money can buy for the style of work that I do. Hermann Oak consistently yields a product with a beautiful grain, that is smooth, dyes evenly, carves effortlessly, and sustains a nice deep impression. Its raw state gives liberty to tool the leather, color it how I wish, stud it, mold it, and even airbrush it. Hermann Oak has been using the same tanning technique since 1881 in St Louis, MO and they are one of the last tanners around still producing leather by pit tanning, which uses tree bark and other organic acids to tan the leather. This process takes more than twice the time modern techniques take (about 6 weeks for the heavy stuff), but the difference was noticeable from the second I cut into my first piece. 


As for Belt inlays, among other things, you do have a choice in a variety of different types of leather; Suede, hair-on hide, stingray, snake, and a bunch off other fun stuff. I'm open to trying new things, if you have an idea and want to experiment please reach out! Email and Instagram are the best ways to get in touch.